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Followings are very brief and short summary of the Official Race Information.
Any omissions and/or typographers will be duly added/corrected at our technical meet due 19:00 April 4th, 2014 at Jeju New World Hotel, (http://www.jejunewworldhotel.co.kr/).)

1. Date: AM 06:00 5th (Sat), April, 2014 - PM 04:00 6th (Sun), April

2. Location: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, area

3. Hosted : Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Jeju International Ultra Marathon
* Road race: 200km, 100km, 50km sector
* Trail Run: Halla Mt. 80km ( This can be changed depending on the weather situation)

5.Place and time
*Departure Location: Jeju Tapdong Park
*Departure Time: At AM 06:00 April 5 (Departure time of all sectors including 50km is same)
(However, The departure time of Halla Mt. Trailrun can be changed according to the Halla National Park)
* Finish point : 200km: Jeju Tapdong Park
100km: Jeju World Cup Stadium.
50Km: Chagwido
80km (Trail Run): Jeju World Cup Stadium.

6. Cut-off Hours
*Point 200Km : 34 hours (6 April 16:00)
*Point 100Km : 15 hours (5 April 21:00)
*Point 50Km : 7 hours (5 April 13:00)
*Trail Run 80km: 15 hours (5 April , 21:00)

7.Registration and Fees
* Closing time: 20th Feb 2014 24:00
How to Apply: Apply from the competition homepage( http://eng.kumf.kr )

** Registration Fee
A. Enrollment by the end of Nov 2013
ItemDiscount Price
100Km, Trail Run80KmUS$100

B. Enrollment by the end of Jan 2014
ItemDiscount Price
100Km, Trail Run80KmUS$120

C. Enrollment by 20th Feb 2014
ItemRegistration Fee
100Km, Trail Run80KmUS$150

D. A Special Event for early bird participants
Only participants who have enrolled by the end of January- Special gifts will be given through lottery
I. Entrance Fee and one night accomodation in 2015 - 10 persons
II. Jeju specialty about US$50 - 10 persons
III. An official invitation in 2015 ( An roundtrip ticket, entrance fee, 1 night accomodation) - 2 persons

E. Bank Information
* Bank Name: Korea Exchange Bank (Andong Branch)
* Address: 640-1 Ok-dong Andong City Gyeongbuk S.Korea Tel. 82-54-859-4030
* A/C No: 650-007646-578
* Swift Code: KOEXKRSE
* Applicant: MDSASIA Co., Ltd.

8. Qualification for Participation
* Domestic & International : Man of 18 and over who holds qualification
(Road race 200km and Trail Run : Man who completed the road race 100km and over of KUMF competition in 2012-2013)
(Road race 100km and 50km : Man who completed the full cource in 2013)

9. management of competition
A. CP (CHECK POINT) and AS (AID STATION) operating
- Road race sector
* 50Km unit installation and CP: 50Km, 100Km, 150Km.200km
- AS (AID STATION) operating
* Tapdong (starting point): Will provide water and snacks
* 100Km interval: AS point interval further notice. Will provide water and snacks
- 200Km runner must sign his/her name after arriving 100km point(If you omit your signing, disqualified)
* 200Km interval: AS point interval further notice. Will provide water and snacks
* Trail Run: CP and AS point further notice. Will provide water and snacks

B. Cut Off Time in CP and Finish Line
- Road race
* 50Km CP : 7 hours (13:00 on 5th ) 50Km finish
* 100Km CP : 15 hours (21:00 on 5th ) 100Km & Trail Run finish
* 150Km CP : 24 hours (06:00 on 6th )
* 200Km Finish Line : 34 hours (16:00 on 6th ) 200Km finish
- Course map : Will notice before the race (or the same as the event, 2013)

C. Meal in CP
* 100Km CP (Seogwipo World Cup Stadium, points): 100Km & 200km & TrailRun runners
* 150Km CP (point Seongsan Sunrise Peak): 200km runners

D. Sauna available (ticketing)
* Sauna in Seogwipo World Cup Stadium : 100km & 200km & TrailRun Runners
* Sauna near the Tapdong : 200km Runners

E. Safety Issues
* Start ~ 100Km: Compulsory equipment- Backpack, Safety Blinker, Light, Roadmap
(Disqualification if runner doesn't keep compulsory equipment)
* Trail Run: Compulsory equipment- Backpack, Safety Blinker, Light, Roadmap, Eisen(personal required) depending on weather condition.

10. Personal carrier and delivery
A. Personal carrier delivery
1. 50Km participants (The carrier will be provided in Chagwido)
- Will receive the carrier in New World Hotel Lobby (Korean Competitors' Hotel) : AM 04:00 to 05:00 on 5th of April

2. 100km, 200km, Trail Run 80km participants
- 100km, 200km, Trail Run 80km participants : Will provide at 100km point (Seogwipo World Cup Stadium)
200km runners put the bag in cars themselves after replace their items in 100Km.
- Will receive the carrier in New World Hotel (Korean Competitors' Hotel) : AM 04:00 to 05:00 on 5th of April
- Storage Place: A place is designated by Sectors of Top car (Bib No attached)
- 200km Runners will receive their carriers in Tap dong(Starting point/finish point)

11. Award
A. Team (100Km. 200Km sector)
1) 200Km 2)100Km
* First grade : 1,000,000 Won First grade : 500,000 Won
* Second grade : 500,000 Won Second grade : 300,000 Won
* third grade: 300,000 Won Third grade : 200,000 Won
- Team competition Regulation
*Team Registration : Application in 6 runners per team
*Record the measurement : Top 3 runners' sum in 5 runners in a team
* Disqualification
Disqualified in case of abandonment or Cut-Off in even one of five runners.
- In case of team registration, to inform and register team name.
*When the fraud is discovered after competition, team award will be deprived and withdrawn.
-During next 3 years, the disqualified team can't participate in any competition
which held by this federation
- When participate as a team, register the team name ahead of the competition: by due date
Team name and runners list have to be submitted in organization by 20th Feb 2014.
* Example) 100Km section (The Roster 6 people including Reserve Runner 1): OO team, OO as a team
200Km section (The Roster 6 people, Including Reserve Runner 1)): OO team, OO club
- But, final runner should submit 5members before start,
It will be not approved to change the member during the race
- The number of the members must be 5 members until finishing the race.
and final record will be standardized with 3 members.
* At least 5 Teams will be available to run Team competition.
* ID has to be submitted to race director by AM 5:00 on 5th of April.
B. Individual record awards (100km)
1) (When brake) Korea Record : 1.000.000 won, World Competition 100km participation
2) (When brake)Jeju marathon Record: 300.000 won, Participation in the next year

12. Race Schedule

- Fri, April 4, 2014
* 17:00 to 19:00 : Registration athletes reception (New World Hotel Lobby)
* 17:00 to 18:50 : dinner (personal burden)
* 19:00 to 20:30 : No.6 article(Attending to presentation meeting)Orientation (New World Hotel Restaurant)
* 21:00 to 22:00 : Private preferences move to the every check point(Distance will be noticed)
* 22:00 to 23:30 : No.14 article(Items transfer) Storage for transferred item in every check point)
-But, after competition, Left items in the storage box will be discarded.(Valuables can't be stored and transferred)

- Sat April 5, 2014
* 4:00 to 5:00: Storage reception of cargo bag and Individual items(New World Hotel)
* 05:00 to 05:30: Move on to Start Zone(Tap-dong, Jeju Park)
* 05:40 : Race Open Ceremony
* 06:00 : Race Starts(All runners start running together)
* 13:00: 50Km sector Finish (Chagwido)
- Participants: Chagwido => Get back to Hotel(New World Hotel) via Shuttle Bus
* 21:00: 100Km sector and Trail Run 80km Finish. (Seogwipo World Cup Stadium)
100Km sector and Team competition Awards (Seogwipo World Cup Stadium)
Shuttle Bus: Seogwipo World Cup Stadium => Jeju New World Hotel in 3 times operating

- Sun, April 6th, 2014
* 16:00: 200Km sector finish and Team Competition Awards (Jeju Tapdong Park)
* During the competition awards ceremony, committee holds the lottery.
(If there is no participation of lottery winner at the place, the person loses the right for taking lottery prize)

13. Rules
A. Disqualification Article
- The following things regarded as the acts of Cheating disqualify the runners who did even one of them.
* Vehicle boarding activities (bicycles, inline skates, including all transportation)
*Accompanying with third parties who are non-participants
* All acts that you are supported by a third-party on the race road, not CP
- Article 23(Disqualification of runner) : In the case of using vehicles of family or club during the race, disqualified
* The act of taking the banned drug
* All acts playing mp3, radio during the race (for the prevention of road traffic accidents on the road)
- They are kept by inspector or personnel of this competition and will be returned to the runners after the competition
* Deviation from the course
* Trail Run 80Km : The man who not wearing Backpack, night blinkers, flashlights and eisen.
* The runners who do not use night blinkers, flashlight and etc after sunset
- Article 23(Safety for runner) : When starts running after sunset, 200km/100km runners can't run without the flasher
* All acts which are not following staffs' instruction (For runners' safety)
- Especially, In case that the runner is remarkably occurred In Deja vu situation.
B. Cut Off Time in CP
Bib number will be withdrawn and disqualified, if runners reach in over cut-off time.
C. Trail Run 80km will be changed into 100km Race for runners' safety if it is dangerous to climb Halla Mountain though bad weather or typhoon. (Banned from Halla Mountain)
- Noticing in the morning of the day
D. Disqualified if runners fail in CP (Bib number will be withdrawn)

15. Other
* Preservation for the city : At 10,000Won(US$ 10) or 30minutes penalty if runners throw out garbage.

2013, 10, 29
Organiziing Committee /Jeju International Ultra Marathon 2014